Active Approach Forward for Comfortable World

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标题:Active Approach Forward  for Comfortable World

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主讲人:Akira Fujishima 院士



  The application of artificial photosynthesis is particularly prominent in the increasingly-concerned carbon recycle process. Particularly, carbon dioxide, being recycled, can produce a very useful chemical - methane, only if with the presence of hydrogen. The question of how to attain hydrogen using solar energy is subject worthy of research. In answering this question, photocatalysis seems to be one of potential candidates. In this report, I will explain and introduce the recent progress of photocatalysis.


  Akira Fujishima was born in 1942 in Tokyo. He received his Ph.D at the University of Tokyo in 1971. He taught at Kanagawa University for four years and then moved to the University of Tokyo, where he became a Professor in 1986. In 2003, he retired from this position and took on the position of Chairman at KAST. From 2010, he became President of Tokyo Univeristy of Science (TUS). Now, he is distinguished Professor of TUS. His main research interests are photocatalysis, photoelectrochemistry and diamond electrochemistry. He is the author of 950 original papers, about 100 books, about 500 review articles and commentaries, and 310 patents. Total citation index is 147113, h-index 144.